Twin Lakes District Planning Commision

Mission Statement

The Twin Lakes District Planning Commision is an inter-community coordinative body providing integrated planning, development and promotion of shared regional interests for the benefit of participating members and their citizenship.

Vision Statement

Twin Lakes District Planning Commision is a proactive, diverse, multicultural collective of united communities that strives to understand and cooperate in planning and implementing a sustainable framework to enhance the future for the long-term betterment of region.

The Twin Lakes District Planning Commision is located in Northeast Saskatchewan, 170km from the Manitoba border, 360km north of the City of Regina and 270km north from Saskatoon. We lie between Codette Lake and Tobin Lake on the border of the northern parkland and southern prairies of Saskatchewan.


The idea of creating a partnership between municipalities was first expressed in March 2008 when the R.M. of Nipawin Council, through resolution, instructed their administrator to arrange a meeting with staff from the Municipality Capacity Development Program. The subject was to be joint planning and land use, and 3 other municipalities were invited to this meeting on April 23, 2008.

Some of the Municipality's bylaws did not meet the Planning and Development Act and the original municipalities saw the need for regional planning and the efficiencies of working together. The partnership grew and continues to grow as new municipalities join every year. Staff from the MCDP have helped model the structure of the organization and have provided outlines while the representatives have developed the body from discussions at the two hour monthly meetings.

There are currently 9 signed members including:

  • Town of Carrot River
  • Town of Choiceland
  • Town of Nipawin
  • Rural Municipality of Moose Range #486
  • Rural Municipality of Nipawin #487
  • Rural Municipality of Torch River #488
  • Village of Codette
  • Village of White Fox
  • Resort Village of Tobin Lake
The history of partnerships between municipalities is mixed, with some proving to be very successful and long-term while others have been unsuccessful. Generally the better levels of cooperation have been between municipalities that share borders such as:
  • Codette/R.M. of Nipawin
  • Nipawin/R.M. of Nipawin
  • Choiceland/R.M. of Torch River
  • White Fox/R.M. of Torch River
Through discussion, a structure was chosen to best suit regional needs. The partnership was named "Twin Lakes Community Planning Association" then later changed to "Twin Lakes District Planning Commision". As decisions were made and cast from verbal to paper, the various councils were provided opportunities to review and evaluate the documents and were then expected to adopt the documents, sometimes after amendment. A consultant was not hired and instead we relied on MCDP staff. While the municipal employees do not vote on matters, they have been an important resources.


Back Row (L-R): Mark Knox (RM of Nipawin #487); Dennis Scott (RM of Torch River #488); Lewis Robin (Town of Nipawin); Neal Wasko (Town of Carrot River); Tim Verklan (Town of Nipawin)
Middle Row (L-R): Rob Mardell (Town of Choiceland); Brad Reed (Village of Codette); Hugh Macdonald (Resort Village of Tobin Lake); Steve Piermantier (Town of Nipawin)
Front Row (L-R): Paulette Harrison (Village of White Fox); Eunice Rudy (Treasurer); Ashley Latulippe (Secretary)

MISSING: Micheal Crowter (Village of White Fox); Ian Garstin (Town of Choiceland); Joe Woodward (RM of Nipawin #487); Kevin Dahl (RM of Torch River #488); Kenneth Wiens (RM of Moose Range #486); Ted Mslicki (RM of Moose Range #486)
Lewis Robin